Channeling Lydia Deetz


This is an older cartoon, one of the first that made it out of my notebook for Primordial Syrup. As usual I’d love to redraw it, make it darker and have a much more detailed, grotesque creature perched on her head. Still, I love the mode of this one and the unanswered question of what exactly it is protecting her from.

Quick update for those wondering if these posts are only going to be single panel cartoons. Soon there will be much, much more. Book one of “The Conjurers” launches next July. That means I will be donning my marketers hat. It’s always been a small hat as I don’t have much room on my head for many more hats.

However, this time, I’m putting a lot more effort into that side of the creative business. Now that doesn’t mean I will be drudging on with endless promotions of “buy my book”. The good news it means I’ll be working on all the other fun stuff that comes along with the Conjurers series. For starters, the webcomic companion will be starting back up this Halloween.

For those not familiar, the webcomic was an experiment I undertook while writing the novels. It was only once a week and I allotted three hours max on the art. The characters are straight from the books. So if you’d like to meet the cast before next July, you can start reading here. And for those of you have been more than patiently waiting for the story to continue, you only have a few weeks wait left. And it shall continue between releases of the three books. There is so much to explore in that world, and my dream is to eventually bring on other artists to do some of the exploring.

Enough prattling for now. Much more to come, including giveaways and other such announcements. Soon, I’ll be putting together a book tour. If you know of any schools, libraries or book shops that might want to host an exhausted, but talkative author, drop me a line.