Back in Production

conjurers webcomic previewAfter months of the novel flitting around publishing purgatory, I've decided I can't let this little world of magicians languish any longer. The strip is back in production and by production I mean I've written up a weekly schedule for myself to keep it on track. So Savachia's story will continue and new stories (in webcomic format) will begin. I'm also back to work on the novel because I want to tell the story regardless of what or where it ends up. And it could very well end up here as an ebook. Which is fine and great by me as truthfully, rarely do so many of my passions come together in one make believe world and it's not one I'm willing to let slide into the abyss of  "Oh I remember that idea".The next page, with all that said, will be up in the next few weeks. I'm working on three pages at a time which will also help keep me on track. And also on the long list of "hopes", I'd love to bring other artists on board to explore the other storylines that lead up to and around the novel. First things first. Gotta get this little seedling sprouting again before worrying about how many flowers it will foster.