Book Illustrating Process - Streamlined Doodling

Animated gif showing my illustration  process from doodle to final sketch.
From doodle to final sketch

Never underestimate the power of doodling. Here’s a quick sample of my illustration process for the Conjurers. I want the art for these books to have that same frenetic, chaotic look as my ballpoint pen doodles. Usually I use the small, thumbnail doodles as a reference to pencil the final drawing. but, using that method, I tend to steer back to my comic book style which battles my cartoony style and I end  up with a stiff, flat, boring picture. So on this go around, I decided to scan in those imperfect, scratchy doodles and ink on top. Seems to work so far. What I end up with are outlines of the final illustration. Once the book layout is done, I’ll give the drawings another few passes, adding a lot more details. I’m also hiding Easter Eggs for my magician friends and some clues for books two and three.