Cinematic Storytelling

End scene of chapterOne type of illustration that seems to occur more often than others is the end of chapter spot illustration. For whatever reason I like to include some drawing or sequential at the end of chapters. In one sense, it's a natural way to plow from prose into a drawing and "end scene". Ideally I want the drawing at the end of a chapter to make the reader want to turn the page or, as in the next example, leave them with an "uh-oh" foreshadowing moment.Chapter6-7_100115This piece comes at the end of another chapter where two of the characters are heading into ramshackled theater. A cliffhanger that sticks in the readers mind until we get back to these two people. In this particular scene, I didn't want to darken the whole page as I did with the interior shot of the tree. Like I said, that's a technique I don't want to overuse, because it'll lose its impact and too much of white text on black is annoying.Instead, I surrounded the two characters with almost completely black buildings to achieve the same sense of dread.